Historical Course

  • So Fine founded by Mr. Wang Weiqiang in Beijiao, Shunde & started as a plastic business.

  • While maintaining the plastic business, So Fine started the production and sales of insulating glass and freezer/cooler/chiller glass doors & we started to cooperate with commercial freezer & cooler manufacturer in China and provided So Fine glass doors to these manufacturers.

  • So Fine began to see an increase in sales of refrigerator glass door. We have developed cooperation with more domestic refrigerator manufacturers. At the same time, our team grew from 30 people to more than 50 people.

  • So Fine began to attend the Canton fair and try to open up the world trade market this year.

  • As the domestic and foreign market demand for refrigerator products increased, So Fine glass door business also ushered in a rapid growth. Our team grew to 80 people and we have cooperated with some brand customers from Europe & North America Market. Our R&D team has made more attempts to extend the products of insulating glass and we added a new production line for insulated louver glass and tried to explore the cooperation opportunity in window & doors area.

  • The balanced development of domestic and international business has brought us a rapid growth of business volume,Therefore, it is imperative to move into a new factory

    Our team grew to 100 people.

  • In response to the actual needs of customers and markets, So Fine founded a new factory for commercial freezer & cooler. We are able to provide more selection to our customers. our company is  introducing automatic production equipments and aim to automate 60% of our production within this year.