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Holographic projection technology (3D holographic projection technology), also known as phantom imaging technology, is a technology that uses the principles of interference and line projection to record and reproduce the real 3D image of the object. Its biggest advantage is that it can browse 3D images from multiple angles without wearing 3D holographic glasses. Holographic phantom imaging system is a mid air imaging system that suspends three-dimensional pictures in the real scene of the cabinet. 360 holographic phantom imaging system consists of cabinet, spectroscope, spotlight and video playback equipment. Based on the imaging principle of spectroscope, through the special processing of building a three-dimensional model of the product, and then superimposing the photographed product image or product three-dimensional model image into the scene, a dynamic and static product display system is formed.

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Holographic projection technology features:
Holographic technology can record all the information of the amplitude and phase of object light wave and reproduce it. Therefore, the application of holographic technology can obtain the same three-dimensional image as the original object (observing the reconstructed virtual image of the hologram from different angles, we can see different sides of the object, with inspection effect and depth of view
Any part of the hologram can reproduce the basic shape of the original object. The spherical wave scattered by any point on the object can reach each point or part of the holographic dry plate and interfere with the reference light to form a primitive hologram, that is, each point or part of the hologram records the scattered light from all object points. Therefore, each part of the object hologram can reproduce all the object points irradiated to this point during recording to form the image of the object, that is, the partial hologram can still reproduce the image of the object after damage.
As the recorder of light wave information, the presence or absence of hologram is an important standard to judge whether the 3D technology we contact is holographic technology

Using the advantages of holographic projection technology
Reproduce three-dimensional images and protect precious cultural heritage
Precious cultural relics or works of art are historical and cultural heritages that cannot be copied. Some of them will be oxidized after contacting with the air for a long time, which will cause certain damage to the body characteristics of works of art. For the past, it was a pity, powerless and irreparable. However, today, with holographic projection technology, works of art can be photographed and imaged and made into three-dimensional images for people to watch, Real cultural relics or works of art can be collected, so that the destruction of works of art can be avoided without affecting people’s viewing, and both are perfect.

Second, replace the traditional material object, convenient and fast
The traditional display method is to place the objects in the shop window so that people can make transactions after watching them. However, some objects are relatively large or for other reasons, which are not suitable for placement. With holographic projection technology, through holographic display cabinet, the images of displayed goods, regardless of size, can float three-dimensional in mid air. People can not only watch 360 degrees in an all-round way, but also interact in real time without neglecting every detail, Although there is no physical object, it is more convenient, faster and safer.

Third, the false is confused with the true, which is three-dimensional and more real
Holographic projection technology can show objects or scenes very real and present three-dimensional situations. Therefore, it is widely used in various industries and occasions. Whether it is banquet hall, KTV, bar, restaurant, exhibition, press conference, etc., the projected scenes or objects seem to be around and in front of you, illusory and real, which makes people intoxicated.

3D holographic image technology gives birth to a new office mode
The cloud summit of 2020 world artificial intelligence conference officially opened. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the conference adopted the form of online and offline collection, and many speakers came to the conference site in the form of holographic images.
Among them, Ma Yun, the co chairman of the United Nations High Level Group on digital cooperation, and Su Shimin, the founder, chairman and CEO of Blackstone Group, all the heavy guests who failed to be present, made a virtual appearance through holographic projection to make the audience feel face-to-face with the speakers thousands of miles away.

In March this year, Microsoft launched its own hybrid reality Service Microsoft mesh, which can transmit the user, working environment and other information to smart glasses or other head mounted display devices by generating three-dimensional images. The new communication mode brought by holographic images makes the communication between users more interesting and frequent. In the future, holographic technology can help the company no longer stick to the restrictions of space, Realize the combination of online and offline.

In 2010, CRYPTON future media, a Japanese technology company, began to use holographic technology to hold live concert in order to promote its virtual beautiful girl singer first tone future. Chuyin’s first performance in the future was a great success, and 2500 tickets were sold out.

On the stage, Chu Yin will cooperate with real musicians in the future, which is unique. Since then, chuyin has quickly become a popular otaku killer all over the world. It has held many live concerts in the United States, Thailand, Singapore and other places, which not only perfectly demonstrated the achievements brought by scientific and technological progress, but also brought an unprecedented feast to the audience by using science and technology.


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