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With the development of glass processing industry and the deepening of people’s understanding of the excellent performance of insulating glass, the application scope of insulating glass is constantly expanding. In addition to the wide application in glass curtain wall, automobile, aircraft and other aspects, insulating glass has entered the ordinary people’s homes.

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This is mainly because the application of insulating glass can improve the heat insulation and sound insulation effect of doors and Windows, so that the doors and Windows products can not only shelter from wind and rain, but also have significant energy saving effect, reducing the cost of heating in winter and cooling in summer. At the same time, insulated glass are widely used in the refrigeration area, especially the commercial freezer/cooler. As the main part of freezer/cooler door, the use of insulated glass has greatly reduced the energy consumption and is a very ideal green material.

So Fine Freezer/cooler glass doors and integral blinds double glazing windows & doors are main products for our global customers. So we are providing insulated glass at the same time.

Specification of So Fine insulated glass as following.

1. Glass type is optional including standard clear glass, low-E glass, non-heated & heated glass.

2. Glass shape is customized: flat glass & curved glass.

3. Glass size is customized.

4. Panes of glass is customized, common request is two, three and four.

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