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Integral blinds are blinds that are fitted between the panes of glass that make up a double or triple glazed unit. They are made to measure and can be fitted into bi-folding doors, windows and conservatories. As an extension of insulating glass, in addition to the weatherproof function of ordinary doors and windows, Integral blinds double glazing also has the functions of heat insulation, sound insulation, sun shading, privacy control and light regulation. It is a very good choice for environmental protection and energy saving home, and it is very popular in commercial office buildings. 

So Fine louver glass adopts high louver fitting combined with insulated glass with good sealing performance in order to provide good products for global users. We are serious about the production of environmental protection and energy saving products and we hope to make So Fine a reliable brand to customers.

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Specification of integral blinds double glazing from So Fine.

1. Glass material: Insulated glass and panes are customized.

2. Overall thickness: 5mm+16A+5mm or 5mm+19A+5mm, total thickness is 26mm or 29mm and it is customized.

3. Height range: 23cm to 270cm; Width range: 18cm to 200cm.

4. Built-in aluminum alloy louver and the width of blade is 12.5mm.

5. Frame material: PVC or aluminum.

6. Structure: Single controller single track or double controller double track, customization is acceptable.

7. Opening pattern: Vertical.

8. Product Color (Option): Brown, Gray, White, Silver, Gold, can be customized as RAL color.

9. Magnet Controller by Manual/Up and Down/It can easily control the lifting or turning of the blinds by 180 degrees.


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