LED glass door for brand freezer or cooler or bar beverage regrigerator

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So Fine LED Logo Glass Door for brand freezer or cooler or bar beverage regrigerato  is using the upgraded float tempered Low-E glass, which is anti-collision, explosion-proof with hardness of automobile windshield. Commonly the glass door is double glazing which filled with Aron, Krypton is optional. Triple glazing is for freezer use, heating function is optional. So Fine LED logo Glass Door can meet the temperature requirement from 0℃-10℃, the gasket with strong magnetic can prevent cold air leakage and more power-efficient. Frame can be PVC, aluminum alloy, stainless steel with any color you like to meet your different market need or taste. Built-in, Add-on, Full long or customized handle can also be an aesthetic point. The glass refrigeration door with LED LOGO can satisfies the energy saving scheme. At the same time, it can also strengthen the visual effect of goods display and improve the brand effect.

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Product Description

1. Product name: LED glass door for brand freezer or cooler or bar beverage regrigerator

2. Key Features:

Anti-fog, Anti-condensation, Anti-frost, Anti-collision, Explosion-proof.

Self-closing function

90o hold-open feature for easy loading

High visual light transmittance/Double Glazing or Triple Glazing

LED logo on the glass for enhancing the brand effect. Logo design & LED color are customized.

3. Overall thickness: Tempered, Low-E Double Glazing 3.2/4mm glass + 12A + 3.2/4mm glass.

Triple Glazing 3.2/4mm glass + 6A + 3.2mm glass + 6A + 3.2/4mm glass. Accept customized products.

4. Frame material: PVC, Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel and color can accept Customization.

5. Frameless design are optional: Silk-printing technology glass doors are high-end and elegant.

6. Handles are optional: Recessed, Add-on, Full Long, Customized.

7. Structure: Self-closing hinge, gasket with magnet Locker & LED light is optional.

Spacer: Mill finish aluminum filled with desiccant & glass sealing by polysulfide & Butyl Sealant.

8. Packing way: EPE foam + Seaworthy wooden case.

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