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Intelligent magic mirror display not only retains the function of ordinary mirror, but also endows it with intelligence, brings a more convenient experience for home life, and can make people’s daily life develop towards intelligence.

The smart mirror display is at rest, which is equivalent to an ordinary mirror. It is no different from an ordinary mirror. When the smart mirror is awakened, it is an intelligent interactive platform and becomes your intelligent housekeeper in one second.

Intelligent magic mirror display can display weather, time, temperature and other information, with more diversified functions. When washing, you can browse the news on the smart magic mirror, and you can also bring the function of virtual makeup through the application.

The intelligent magic mirror display can realize the remote control of TV, air conditioner and light through the interactive methods of magic mirror voice control, multi touch, gesture recognition and so on.

  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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    Mirror display glass
    It has the characteristics of high reflection and strong transmission, also known as smart glass, magic mirror, mirror glass, mirror imaging glass, mirror TV glass, etc. it is composed of glass and display equipment. When the touch screen display equipment is turned off, the glass shows the effect of mirror. When the equipment is turned on, the light of the display screen can be transmitted, and a clear animation can be formed on the surface of the glass. Simply put, it is equivalent to installing the computer display screen on the glass, which can play advertisements in different forms without affecting the use of the glass. Generally speaking, it is used in some high-end places, such as high-end clubs, star hotels, smart homes, makeup mirrors and so on.
    The difference between mirror display glass and unidirectional glass mainly lies in the light transmission performance and reflection performance between them, and the difference between them is mainly due to the different original films used and the difference of manufacturing technology.
    Characteristics of mirror display glass
    1. Waterproof: since the display screen is in the inner layer of the mirror, the mirror display glass has the function of waterproof and can be manipulated and used at will.
    2 beautiful: the frame of the common display is changed, and the borderless display is truly realized
    3. Smart glass: change the ordinary glass into a new type of glass that can be used for touch screen
    4. Protect eyesight: the mirror display glass also has the function of preventing ultraviolet rays and filtering blue light, which can better protect eyesight

    It seems that this is the magic mirror of the queen in Snow White’s fairy tale. When it is not working, it is an ordinary mirror. When it is in working mode, it is a combination of intelligent Android Tablet, TV and other functions.
    The smart magic mirror can be installed in the entrance porch, bathroom, toilet, dressing room, cloakroom and other places to enhance the sense of science and technology, facilitate the satisfaction of vision and hearing, and make the boring time of making up, washing hands and looking at the mirror richer and more intelligent. Its professional mirror display technology perfectly combines the sensor, intelligent operating system and the mirror, adding the functions of mirror display interaction and IOT to the mirror, Become the “fourth screen” outside the home computer, TV and mobile phone. No matter where it is placed, it can show its charm.

    In the environment of interconnection of all things, the market of smart home is in the period of new technology development and market transformation. As a just needed product, the smart mirror display screen is also connected with the smart wind. The smart mirror display screen adds the functions of mirror display and human mirror interaction to the mirror by embedding the display screen, sensor and operating system in the traditional mirror Human body sensing or speech recognition can wake up the magic mirror system and control smart home devices. Equipped with intelligent mirror display with intelligent voice control, full voice control can be realized from optional music, video and news to air quality regulation and lighting control in the bathroom
    We can learn how to cook and how to manage your health through the intelligent mirror display screen. At the same time, we can “communicate” with the magic mirror to link various intelligent devices and so on.



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