How to buy sunroom profiles to ensure basic safety

Nowadays, many families choose to install the sunroom. For the sunroom decoration,  the owners are not only concerned about the price, but also about the quality of the sunroom. However, how to choose the sunroom profile has become a problem for the sunroom owners. Because the profile determines the basic safety of the sunroom. So today, let's take everyone to understand what kind of sunroom profile should be selected for the sunroom.

1. The correct choice of facade glass

Generally, the facade glass used in the sunroom includes tempered glass, insulating glass, and laminated glass. Tempered glass has impact resistance and flexural strength. When it encounters destructive force, the fragments are small particles without edges and corners, which is high in safety; Insulating glass has good heat insulation and sound insulation effects, and has high safety; Regarding the laminated glass, the strength is greater than that of tempered glass. When it encounters destructive force, the glass will not fly, because laminated glass is also a kind of safety glass.

2. Correctly choose the top material

The top material of the sunroom can be glass, and polycarbonate board can also be used. Polycarbonate board has better impact resistance and heat preservation performance than glass. It is a new type of building material and can also meet the requirements of most people. The specific choice is selected according to the personal preference of the owner.

3. Choose the right accessories

Hardware accessories such as windows and door locks are needed. Therefore, when choosing accessories, they must be in harmony with the overall shape of the sunroom, and the quality of them re necessary, otherwise some small parts will also affect the use effect.

4. Correctly choose the mainframe material of the sunroom

The mainframe is a structure that bears a lot of force on the entire sunroom, so the material of the main structure is the most important thing that could not be ignored. The current mainframe structure generally uses metal materials, and aluminum alloy is a common choice. The aluminum alloy has strong corrosion resistance and high strength. The large sunroom profile can be built-in with a steel lining structure, which can ensure the overall firmness and safety.

When it comes to this, we believe you already have an understanding of the selection of materials for the sunroom, because there have been examples in the past, and the sunroom cannot withstand the damage of the strong wind. After a few years of use, the hardness of the profile will degrade. Some users have personally experienced the grief of the sunroof being blown down. Therefore, we must pay attention to the above four tips when selecting materials.

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Post time: Aug-24-2021