How to carry out refrigerator maintenance

As we all know, any equipment has a certain number of years and service life, but reasonable and correct maintenance can maximize the service life of the equipment and reduce the cost of use. So how should we maintain and maintain our refrigerators reasonably?


1. Refrigerators should be managed by a dedicated person, and should always pay attention to the operation of the equipment. If any abnormalities are found, they should be checked in time. For major problems, they should be contacted with the supplier’s after-sales department in time.


2. The compressor of the refrigerator is repeatedly turned on for no less than 5 minutes to avoid liquid back and heat. It is not allowed to arbitrarily adjust the temperature controller and button switch.


3. Frequently clean the ash and oil accumulation of the condenser. If it is not cleaned up in time, it will affect the ventilation and heat dissipation of the condenser and even damage the refrigeration unit.


4. When cleaning the freezer, the power supply must be cut off before operation. The dust on the condenser can be blown with a brush or compressed air.


5. When cleaning the inside and outside of the freezer cabinet, use a clean soft cloth dipped in warm water and a non-corrosive neutral detergent to wipe it off. Do not use hot water, corrosive cleaning agents or organic solvents, etc.

Post time: Nov-02-2021