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This long-established national company has established a business that uses VEKA, Halo and many leading systems including Solidor, Warmcore and Residence Collection to provide high-quality doors and windows.
Now, after being named G17 Manufacturer of the Year in November 2017, Glazerite UK Group Ltd has further expanded the product portfolio by providing high-tech blinds.
HiTech Blinds Co., Ltd. is the brainchild of industry veteran Nigel Greening and two experienced directors Mike Yerrell and Michelle Scotney from commercial aluminum manufacturer AGF Ltd.
With the help of Ian Woolley, an integrated blind man and IGU expert who was brought in to help grow the business, Peterborough quickly became a force that cannot be ignored.
Glazerite Group Marketing Manager Michelle Wright commented: “We are proud to provide one of the most comprehensive product lines in the industry. We also want to provide our installers with additional products and enhanced benefits to help them complete upsell sales. HiTECH Blinds was originally established because their blind systems meet our demanding standards. We have credibility to maintain, which is why we only work with the best brands in the industry. We will never provide customers with anything of ours.” 100% satisfied. ”
“We have known Ian for many years-when he and the HiTECH blinds team came up with an innovative new design that eliminated the common problems we encountered with other products, we decided to have a look. We were very impressed-it Very suitable for Glazerite and our customers.”
The magnetically operated HiTECH blinds have successfully passed 10,000 cycle tests, are provided with BS EN 1279 certification, and a serious 10-year warranty-which is said to be twice that offered by any of the company’s competitors with similar systems.
HiTECH Blinds is said to be the only manufacturer on the market that can provide two-color slats to match the two-color frame. It can also produce double and triple glass units with Georgian bars and other decorative elements.
HiTECH Blinds Sales Director Ian Woolley commented: “It goes without saying-we are very happy to have one of the best manufacturers in the country as a customer. This is a huge vote of confidence in our team and products, and we are very excited to see our relationship with The future of partnership with The Glazerite UK Group Ltd.”

Post time: Nov-04-2021