Subvert the traditional TV form! Can FPD double-sided TV watch on both sides?

Nowadays, with the pursuit of quality life, people have higher and higher requirements for the appearance of household appliances. TV, as the center of the family living room, is also one of the key products to make the home full of artistic flavor. How to choose a smart TV that integrates function and aesthetics and can integrate with the overall home atmosphere? FPD’s new black technology – ultra-thin double-sided TV the emergence of ultra-thin double-sided TV gives the answer.
Slim and picturesque, double-sided Art
FPD double-sided TV technology has simple design, which is simple but not simple. While highlighting the minimalist industrial style design, it easily becomes the finishing touch of position C in the living room with smooth lines and exquisite design. FPD double-sided TV is not only a TV, but also a furniture art. 1.8cm thick, slim and picturesque, different home styles can be easily adapted, lighting up contemporary style life with technology and aesthetics.
One TV, two sides
FPD has launched two new double-sided TV products, 43 inch and 65 inch, which can be seen on both sides. Both TVs adopt eled backlight scheme, which breaks the design shackles of traditional single-sided TVs and makes the TV form more possible for double-sided display. Of course, it is not only used in family space to meet the entertainment needs of the whole family. FPD double-sided TV can bring a new and attractive experience with a sense of science and technology in hotels / apartments, even in karaoke rooms, game halls and other scenes.
Shocking audio-visual immersion
FPD double-sided TV with 356 ° full viewing angle can bring a shocking audio-visual experience at any position on each side. Independent 20W subwoofer, 4 8W sound generating units and Dolby certified sound system make the viewer feel at home. Covering the mainstream content platform, chasing dramas, games and watching competitions, massive resources are available. With FPD double-sided TV, there is no need to grab the right to use the TV, and every family member can enjoy himself.
Provide consumers with more creative double-sided TV products, so that people can live in a square inch and shine with art. Fpd43 inch and 65 inch dual-sided TVs of different sizes are newly launched and enter the wonderful vision of dual-sided TV together.

Post time: May-06-2022