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A living display cabinet
The transparent screen interactive display is a new display method based on the transparent display screen. The transparent display screen can make the screen as transparent as glass. While maintaining the transparency, it can ensure the color richness and display details of the dynamic picture. Therefore, the transparent screen interactive display device can not only allow users to watch the exhibits behind the screen from a close distance, but also allow users to interact with the dynamic information of the transparent display screen, Turn the previous simple glass display cabinet into a living display cabinet with human-computer interaction.

Transparent fashion
Display advertising pictures and videos on the transparent cabinet. Items can be placed in the cabinet,
Transparent display can display objects and release information. It is simple and fashionable, and its unique
Transparent display technology leads the new trend of advertising in today's era

Easily realize multiple values
Modern, fashionable and interesting display of enterprise style, brand and product publicity make your enterprise and your products more popular and bring you greater economic benefits

With touch screen and 3D model
Make the impossible possible. No matter how big the product is, it can be displayed
360 ° gives customers a deeper understanding and reduces investment

Built in computer system
Built in Android / computer system, optional configuration, engineering motherboard supports 7 * 24-hour uninterrupted operation,
Temperature range 0-60 ℃, normal operation, wireless WiFi

Energy conservation and environmental protection
Compared with the traditional LCD, the power consumption is lower and more environmentally friendly. The display itself has a certain penetration
You can see the real object behind the screen through the screen

Full HD full view
The linked USB flash disk can play the product introduction or other pictures and videos synchronously through computer control, so that customers can further understand the product

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