Ultra thin double-sided display

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Characteristics and application of ultra-thin double-sided LCD advertising screen

Everyone is familiar with the double-sided LCD advertising screen, which can be seen in cinemas, banks, windows and milk tea shops. In banks, double-sided LCD advertising machines are widely used. On the one hand, the brightness can be adjusted freely outside the hall, on the other hand, publicity information can be broadcast in the hall. It can be seen in cinemas and beverage bars to display preferential activities and recommended products! In recent years, the orders of double-sided advertising machines in smart banks have increased significantly, and customers have responded very well. Double sided LCD advertising screen keeps pace with the times and creates a new model of advertising machine industry

Double sided display
Dual screen advertising machine has screens on both sides, which can display pictures synchronously and intelligently adapt to window scenes


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Features of double-sided LCD advertising screen:
1. Thin double-sided poster advertising screen on the market; The same or different programs can be displayed on both sides.
2. The outdoor LCD can be adjusted according to the brightness of the external environment.
3. The terminal is managed uniformly without manual operation of all equipment; Any double-sided screen can be controlled independently through the network.
4. The height and inclination of the single-sided advertising machine can be adjusted freely, and the maximum can be adjusted between 1m and 4m.
5. Insert and play real-time weather, clock, logo and scrolling subtitles
6. Quality, price and after-sales service are guaranteed.
Application value:
1。 Build a paperless or semi paperless office mode of intelligent business hall, and create a new business hall with low carbon, energy conservation and environmental protection that meets the requirements of national energy conservation and environmental protection.
2. Real time information display in the financial field: foreign exchange prices, gold, financial news, funds, interest rates, bonds, etc. are released on the ultra-thin double-sided advertising machine in real time.
3. Service industry update recommendation: new product release recommendation, promotion of preferential activities, real-time information display, multimedia information interaction, etc. are released to the advertising machine in real time.
It is most widely used in banks, cinemas and beverage bars. It has a series of advantages such as real-time display of information, high-definition display and intelligent operation, which makes the hanging advertising machine particularly popular in these industries. Creating a “double-sided LCD advertising screen” in the intelligent business hall is your best choice.

Nowadays, “thin” has become the fashionable pursuit of young people. From mobile phones to double-sided advertising machines, they are iterating in the direction of ultra-thin.
Ultra thin double-sided display is mainly used in commercial places, such as banks, shopping malls, chain stores and so on. The playing time is more than 10 hours every day, so the performance of ultra-thin double-sided display is particularly important
In order to meet the visual needs of mass users, they have launched new products in the form of “ultra-thin”.

“Ultra thin” can also show the hard strength of the enterprise’s hardware direction. In order to achieve the goal of ultra-thin, it is not only necessary to make each part of the product thin and small. Behind thin needs deep
R & D support.

Now many places have replaced the traditional advertising machine with ultra-thin double-sided display screen, because the ultra-thin double-sided display screen can have two advertising spaces in one stand, compared with other advertising machines
A lot of money. Yuntaida ultra-thin double-sided display uses all aluminum structure. Compared with other advertising machines, it is lighter in weight, thinner in thickness, better in heat dissipation, longer in service life and effective in protection
With the high performance price ratio, the natural application range of advertising machine will be wider.

Compared with some traditional small advertising machines, the ultra-thin double-sided display has strong practicability, which can be used by various institutions, banks and other financial departments. And this kind of equipment is different
Specifications and styles can also be directly linked to yuntaida for customized processing, which can meet the actual needs of different consumers, ensure the effect of advertising, and greatly reduce our investment
Cost effective

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